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I am totally going to try this today, if the weather isn't too frightful. I have lots of work to do and I also need to try to score some batteries before Ernesto hits, but I'll have nothing but time when the storm is passing over. Great suggestion, great site!


please update! more!!! i like your blog!


Thank you E - check back in the morning!


Hi there,

Love you blog and will definately be trying out some of your 55 favourites.

I do the twist with my hair. But I don't twist two pieces just one into ringlets. I have been doing it for ages and always get comments on my hair. I can recommend using a mix of CPR Phase 1 and Fudge dynamite or CPR phase 1 and sebastian "wet" gel.

I also thing it is important to have a great hair cut and my hairdresser cuts out the bulk of my hair so the curls sit better and it is quicker to do.


Hi Jodie - thanks for stopping by. And I definitely agree about having a great haircut.

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