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Thanks for adding some SENSE to the discourse, Nichelle! That comment threw me for a loop. I shared it with my mom, and she was equally horrified. Of course, she's a big rubbing alcohol fan. I'll mention the exfoliation and sunscreen to both her and my sister. On New Year's Eve, my sister slathered Sally Hansen Bleach on her neck and elbows, as if that could miraculously remove the darkness within the eight minutes of application. Sheesh.


Sally Hansen bleach??? Where have I been? I had no idea about this madness!


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 is a great pick! It is also suggested by dermatologist Dr. Lesie


Women with darker skin tones still have to keep in mind that certain areas of the body carry more melanin than others, particularly in the knees, elbows, and knuckles. No amount of exfoliation or sunscreen may lighten these areas to match the rest of your skin tone. You can get them "lighter", but these areas may never lighten to your satisfaction. My dermatologist is African-American and he explained this.


Yes, I agree that the exfoliation process and sunscreen don't lighten skin. My own dermatologists (black and white) as well as derms I have interviewed have explained this.

As I stated, skin sheds naturally anyway and exfoliation helps speed up the process. Sunscreen is necessary not only to prevent additional darkening beyond one's natural color, it's necessary to help protect the skin because it is more sensitive after exfoliation (or use of Retin-A, Tri-Luma and other lightening products only available via prescription.) The affected area may be slightly darker than the rest of your body (depending on the person) but, quite often, you can absolutely achieve a relatively even skintone. It's definitely not about having lighter skin overall, or trying to be something that you're not.


Wow...bleach?? No no no no NO! Like my Nana said...A little lemon juice never hurt anyone. Rub fresh cut lemons on your elbows and knees my friend...she did it to mine...I do it to my son's and we are ash free with no darkness.


TMG - No, no, no is right!


How do you go about lightening scars? Because I light skin and I have scars on my legs that stand out.

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