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Madame M

*jaw drops*

...It's like you've opened my eyes to a whole new world!

Ms. New Beauty

Ugh, I hate hair speeches! But I'm definitely loving that quote and will be using it often.


What type of conditioners (moisturizing vs. protein) are these that you posted?


What's so polarizing is the attitude of the hairdressers that they don't even want to touch natural hair--not that it's an okay alternative for many women, but rather "Some days, you get those big bushes of hair, no chemicals. We feel like running away." Who wants to be regarded in that way?


@Carla - I agree that the hairdressers with that attitude are wrong. However, thankfully, all of them are NOT like that. I've only had good experiences with the Dominicans and I am a dark-skinned Black American woman.

@Lexelle - The conditioners I posted are mostly moisturizing conditioners. That's what the Dominican conditioners are known for - being ultra-hydrating. After your shampoo, they place you under the dryer for a deep, moisturizing conditioner. The roller set follows.

Another conditioner that I forgot to post (I may edit later) is SaLerm. A lot of people love that one too.


Thanks for your response. I've read about Alter Ego products on the internet before, but have never about the Alter Ego Deep conditioner that you posted. Are you able to buy this product at the hair beauty supply store or do you buy it at your salon?


Hi Lexelle,

Alter Ego tends to be hard to find. That's why I used the link for so you can make a choice.

You may have a better shot at a beauty supply store in the "hood" - especially in the same neighborhoods where you'll find the Dominican salons. Also, some of the salons may sell the product in store.

One of the links I posted was from It lists The Best Dominican Hair Salons in the U.S.


Oh my!! i had my first blow out in NY last week. I am in SC and am now distraught because no one here can do it. My hair was bouncy and shiny and bone straight. I don't ever want the regular doubie wrap again!!!


Hey Deronda,

Looks like somebody will be making regular trips to NY now! Hahaha!

Did you buy any conditioner to take home?


Thats all good but its like we are a people with no identity..We do everything whites want us to do to hate ourselves..its too bad your family didnt raise you with some confidence about how you ReALLy look and some Backbone...Im just sayin....


Thank you Hanna, but I've already been raised!


Great post. I'm so glad that these salons are finally getting recognition outside of "the hood." There are truly no salons like them. I don't know why my hair always comes out so lustrous, shiny, and bouncy after I leave. I've even watched them do my hair so i could try to replicate the results at home-never works.


@Dominican Enigma

It is SO true that you can't replicate the results at home! I don't know anyone who's done it.

Oh, by the way, I'm very intrigued by the Coconut oil treatment you mentioned on your blog.

And I'm glad to see I'm not the only beauty stalker in the world! :)


I don't wear my hair straight but I might try some of these conditioners.


Coconut oil is amazing Nichelle. Although I'm no beauty expert, I have told a lot of my friends to try it as well and they love it, swear by it. Also, Avocado oil is supposed to be great as well. ;-)


@Sous - You don't have to wear your hair straight to use the conditioners. The key is hydration and ultra-moisturization.

@Dominican Enigma - There are many great oils - coconut, avocado, jojoba and olive oil of course. I like to alternate.


Wow finally the word started to get out there! I was born in the Dominican Republic, and came to this country at the tender age of 12, and my mother did my hair the way we do it, I learned to do it the same way. I went to beauty school and was known as the "blowout" girl, it was naturally in my genes I guess, but I didnt pursue a career in hair styling, although I must say I have tried hair stylists of all backgrounds, my hair is curly, freezy but very fine and easy to blow dry as dominicans would describe it, but somehow no one gets it as straight...


Hey Daisy,

I went to beauty school too! But I never heard of the Dominican blowouts until the late 90s in New York.

Small world!


I might be the palest shade of pasty you'll ever see, but I've found beauty stores in "the hood" are better than anywhere else! They have a wider selection of brands, especially the non-salon ones (as opposed to Redken, Paul Mitchell, etc.) which are truly exciting to browse.

celeste williams

My daughter went to Lucy's Dominican Salon on Franklin Road in Marietta, GA on Saturday. It was a wonderful and unique experience. I was just there for my 14 yr old daughter who has fine frizzy hair. Even her grandmother who has been in the business for over 40 years could not get my daughter's hair straight without a ton of oil. Her hair was very silky and bouncy, just in time for school , after our visit.
The blowout was $55 and my rollerset was $25 and yes laidies they sell Domician hair products there also.


You can buy Alter Ego from They are an online store that sells all types of Dominican Products. They also ship fast and are very nice. Do a search!


I have 2b-3a wavy/curly hair that for some reason most black salons have a very tough time straightening. Believe me this has been a struggle, people look at my hair and think it's really simple but I have sat in MANY chairs (white and black salons) and been disappointed just about every time. I have only found one young lady that does an amazing job with a flat iron and pressing comb and just getting in her chair is a 5 hour wait! And all the heat is ridiculous, she still does a good job though (most of the time).

I've been using the blowout method on my own hair for some time now and it works very well for me as well as for my best friend. I blow it out with a round brush and then go over it with a flat iron depending on whether I want to wear it bone straight or with curls. I don't use a pressing comb! I've burnt patches of hair out one too many times for that lol. I have yet to find a stylist who can replicate this in my area however I just discovered there is *ONE* dominican salon in my area so I will definitely be giving it a try this weekend. I get tired of doing my blowouts every week myself, it'll be nice to have someone else do it. I also believe that my hair looks much healthier and shinier with the blowout process and I use very little product!


I wanted to respond to the lady who went to Lucy's in Marietta GA. I just wanted to tell you that the Dominicans I go to, Lily Hair Studio on Clairmont Road only charge $45 and they do a good job. I was referred to them by one of my friends. Their phone number and address is:


2793 Clairmont Rd Ste B2
Atlanta, GA 30329

There is also a lily hair plus on Jimmy Carter Blvd.


so funny i stumbled upon this blog trying to pull up my salons website. I went to the dominicans for the first time saturday and she did a wonderful job, i have a black girl i go to too that can do a fabulous blow out job just as well. Im black and my hair is natural, no perm for 3 yeears and its very curly, thick and coarse when wet, so i cant get the roller set but she had all the roller set girls jealous saturday when she blowed me out with a round brush and flat ironed it. She really hooked it up and im going back regularly. Will still go to my black girl too.


I love the Dominican blowouts. Luckily, I have a stylist that only charges $30. My hair is so healthy. I do have to rep the Egyptians in Chicago. Talk about bone straight hair. If you're ever in Chicago, check out Yehia's or Fadi's. I still have not been to a place that can get my hair as bone straight as they do. They do the same blow-out method and then flat iron, but it literally looks like a perm and it last over 2 weeks. Anyway, I'm in DC now and luckily I'm with the Dominicans and there are a lot of salons and choices. The best is Melania's in my opinion. It's $45, but it's bone straight and lasts very long. Besides that, I got lucky finding my hair stylist and I go to her home and it's more personal and she has a beautiful personality. It's also cool that she only charges $30.


i been going to dominican salon 3 months now and i love what they do to my hair but i prefer one particular stylist to do my hair she a little older then the rest their and when i go in iget w/s and put Nani name down to do it,i only want her to do my hair and i told them this but still she will do most of my hair and dont finish and have one of the other girls to finish me up because shes under the dryer her self,so i stop tipping her,and i havent been back been doing at home,we only have 2 dominican salons where i live,and the other one is 40.00 for w/s here where i go is 20.00 for a w/s i dont get the same results at home i do what they do but now i see its not the products its their techinque.I want to pay this one stylist i prefer for her services,why cant they respect my wishes?


What if you have 4b, thick natural haiar? Can a Dominican blowout get my hair straight?


I had my Dominican blowout two weeks ago in NY. After three years of no chemical, my hear needed it and boy was it beautiful. Ms. Thang was the envy until her partying self had a good Caribbean, soca workout. My hair felt light and looked very healthy. If you need the evidence let me know, I do photos as I change the styles. So go NY blowout as I call it, good job Angie.

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