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I dont agree with the racist comment but i do agree with the soccer mom comments. LMAO . These women think they are hot yet they cant afford the absolute best! and Hermes is not the best. Critiques who dont live the lifestyle they critque are so 1992


@ Patricia/Coy - Spoken like someone who has never met either Bag Snob.

As far as this gem of wisdom you provided:

Critiques who dont live the lifestyle they critque are so 1992

1.) A "critique" is the act of criticizing. The person providing the analysis is called a "critic".

2.) Anonymous "Critiques" who are poor spellers with no vocabulary are definitely not hot and clearly can't afford the absolute best.


As a business person it strikes me as absolutely stupefying (like in stupid beyond belief) that any business could act this way.

As for the PR firm-It would be interesting to see what kind of qualifications they put on their resume that makes someone want to hire them.

I can imagine the following conversation between the business owner and the pr firm salesperson.

Owner:"We are interested in marketing our products by improving public relations with high profile marketing organizations or fashion advisers that are not currently aware of us. How can you help us?"

Pr Firm Sales: "We have a very innovative approach guaranteed to get you maximum exposure."

Owner: " How does that work?"

Pr Sales: "It's really unique. We may try to patent it.We casually approach an organization and make them an offer they can't accept. Then when they reject us we craft a major insult response to them"

Owner: "I am confused.That seems contrary to what other Pr companies do.Won't that make people angry? How does that work?"

Pr Sales: "That's the Genius of it. When people are mad they talk a lot about you. More people will be aware of you than you ever imagined"

It looks like they were right.


@Catherine - Negative PR will get you some attention, sure. But are they making any sales? Will they last in the long run?

They made a bad move any way you look at it.

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