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55 Beauty Bag


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My first thought: looks a bit like a sex toy, doesn't it? But perhaps that's simply due to the fact that I saw this post shortly after reading Kristopher Dukes's latest musing. The other thing that sort of puts me off about this is that hook bit on the back. Looks as though it would make it rather akward to carry around, or say put down on your desk while writign a test @ school. And why do women need a woman specific MP3 player anyway? Are we statistically more prone to struggle with using other music devices or something?

Just a thought.


Very interesting design. I want one :)

Z'maji of HauteBlogXOXO

I---LIKE IT!!!

It does look like a sex toy tho, like it'll diddle you so good, you'll sign over your home to it

-Z'maji @


That's a hot looking mp3. I wonder if it can snugly clip on your clothing during a job.

michelle mabelle

It's cute, but come out with one the color of fuschia! The only thing is with mp3s are the ACCESSORIES! Let's face it, the ipod isn't the best mp3 on the market, but what makes it the only one is all of the accessories you can attach to it - from wireless car attachments, to ihome and docking stations. The zune, zen and others were far better and cheaper, however, the accessories took ipod and made it legendary. After all, aren't we reading a blog specifically about accessories??!? *grin*


I support this project 100%. I'm so sick of all the mp3 players looking like iPods nowadays.

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