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Nerd Girl

I love that 4N! I just ordered 2 more tubes since it is limited edition. I truly think it is perfection in lipgloss form.


Nerd Girl - I looooove the 4N! I'm going to have to stock up too!


Oh god. Fafi. I'm a 'young' lady and I can't stand it either. I don't know what the hell to do with these colours!!! When I see the girls in MAC wearing the makeup, they almost look like more polished clowns. They look chic in store, but in 'real life' it doesn't work.

I like 3N, and 2N as well ;)

Naughty Secretary Club

I am indeed a Fafi fan. I never got around to getting any of her line for Adidas so maybe I will get some MAC instead.


Hi! I'm a complete N collection girl as well. I can't believe how quickly everyone got over it because it is the best collection! I've stocked up on 3N and am afraid I won't ever find such a perfect pink.

lovely blog!


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