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i have heard from two other people that this is AMAZING


Think this will work on my 4B natural hair?


Sounds like something I could really long do you leave it in?


@Nemesis - Yes! My hair is texturized BUT I'm due for a touchup. The phytonectar seeped right into my edges. That's why I liked it so much (I tried it first in Sephora for the heck of it, not planning to buy.)

@Glamarella - The recommended leave-in time is 20 minutes but I left it in for 30 (I always go a little longer).


I only use Phyto products on my hair. I was introduced to them at a Bubbles Salon when I had a relaxer. After I stopped relaxing my hair, I used a myriad of different products and concoctions recommended by the ladies at Nappurality. My hair often ended up a hot mess. Not even Carol's Daughter worked for me.

On a whim I used some of the Huile D'Alès left over from my relaxed days and followed with the Phytojojoba Shampoo and the Phytosésame conditioner. My hair was unbelievably soft and touchable and it stayed that way for days after I shampooed.

I used up all I had left and went to Sephora to restock. In addition to the Phyto products I used before, I also picked up the
Phytojoba intense hydrating mask for deep conditioning and the Phyto 7 daily creme.

Let me tell you those products are the truth.

The great thing about Sephora is that they are generous with samples. Now I'm trying the Phyto products for Ultra Dry Hair. I reasoned since the dry hair products worked so well on my hair, the products for ultra dry hair would be even better. I've picked up samples of the Phytonectar shampoo and Phyto 9 daily balm and they worked like a dream. My next trip, I'll ask for samples of the Phytonectar pre-shampoo treatment and the Phytokarité conditioner.


I forgot to add I have super thick, extra nappy, crazy kinky 4B hair and these products worked for me.


BlackHoney -

You know, I haven't really used Phyto in a long time (just Phytojoba a few years ago), but I looove the Phytonectar and I will definitely be trying out the Huile D'Alès and the Intense Hydrating Mask. Even with a texturizer, I find that my hair is just DYING for moisture so I am extra-vigilant these days.


I missed you, Nichelle! Great post -- I am dying to try this!


Thanks for post. Nice to see such good ideas.

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