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This was a great interview. The mineral oil thing-I"m not so sure about.


It still doesn't sound like he has answered the mineral oil question. Mineral oil is not good for hair, point blank. There are lots of great hair products that don't contain it. So we're supposed to believe the products contain mineral oil for its superior performance properties? I think not.


Just wanted to add that on everything else, Dickey sounds like he really knows what he's talking about. Seems like a great stylist as well. Overall I have a positive impression of him.


Hair Rules (Dickey's book) was a great reference for me when I chopped off my relaxed hair and wore it in a short natural and later on staring using texturizers. I'm back to wearing my hair straight but I am excited to see hat he is offering products. I will be looking for his cleansing cream at Ricky's.


hey all, I am a client of Dickey's and i cannot say enough great things about him. I'm currently transitioning using his products as well as some of my other favs. My hair is thicker, NO SHEDDING, and growing in quite nicely.


wow the curls are amazing! i wish my hair would curl like that.


@dominican enigma and Aisha - I hear what you're saying about the mineral oil. I knew there would be questions the minute anyone read the labels, so I wanted to make sure that I asked him. He was very clear on his position (if you could not tell from his answer:) I can see his points about many manufacturers using mineral oil anyway and hiding or omitting it from the ingredients. For instance, one conditioner I have lists "Paraffinum Liquidum" in the ingredient list - which is mineral oil. Some products will list paraffinum liquidum with mineral oil in parenthesis - way down in the ingredient list.

In the end, everyone's hair is different and you have to try things and do whatever is best for you. I, for one, will continue to try product after product for my natural hair because I am NOT a chemist unlike some of these brave women out here mixing up all kinds of concoctions for their hair. Haha - I am not the one!


Love the look. Is there a distributor of your products in Little Rock, Arkansas?

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