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Mrs. Obama has a lovely figure, she can look comfortable in lots of things.

I hope she picks from a few designers as she goes into the future, and builds relationships.

I did like the print, though. I like her confidence in wearing it.

nyc/carribean ragazza

I like all your choices. I live in Rome now and the one thing I miss is J. Crew.

That Tracy Reese dress is beautiful. Too bad I'm so short and curvy...I can't wear something like that. Michelle could rock it.


i think Mrs. O could rock any of these but I'm not a fan of:
- Rachel Roy Sioux Dress (the colors are a bit too unmatchy matchy for me)
- Old Navy Twisted Mock-Neck Dress in Bordeaux (maybe it would look good on Mrs. O but on this model, it looks like a paper bag)
- J.Crew French Serge Day Coat (i love love love the bow on this coat and the color, but maybe it will start rumors of a 3rd wee-Michelle on the way??)

my faves are:
- Tracy Reese 2-Tone Evening Frock
- Tory Burch Intarsia Knit Dress
cuz they're kinda similar to stuff she's rocked in the past but different enough to stand out as new and fabulous

great post!


The J Crew metallic dress is the ONLY dress a woman of Michelle's height and stature should be wearing. You cannot be serious with all of those other "Off the Rack" pieces of dreg? She is going to be the 1st Lady. Dress her like it! Snap out of it. I wish you would give me the opportunity and a web page to show you what the 1st Lady Michelle Obama should be wearing!


@OpulenceNow - I'm guessing she will pick from a few designers and build relationships in the future. I think she's just trying things out now. She also has a lot of things to consider when dressing like past First Ladies (finding great things from American designers, the occasional off-the-rack dress to appeal to the masses like her big hit, the White Market/Black Market dress).

@nyc/carribean ragazza - Hey girl! Long time no "see". I see that you made the move from LA.

I hear you with the Tracy Reese. As a short/curvy woman, I'm sure you can empathize with what tall women go through in finding clothes.

@Kayla - I think the daring "unmatchy matchy" nature of the Rachel Roy dress may appeal to a Michelle Obama who has shown a penchant for bold colors and prints and striking jewelry.

The Old Navy dress - I tried to find several things that anyone could wear and not just $5,000 Oscar de la Renta dresses because Michelle Obama has that kind of appeal. Witness the White Market/Black Market dress flying off the shelves and the increase in Maria Pinto's business. Also, Michelle Obama is tall and slim like a model, so unlike some of us, she can get away with these things.

On the Tory Burch Intarsia Knit Dress - You hit the nail on the head with "cuz they're kinda similar to stuff she's rocked in the past but different enough to stand out as new and fabulous." That's exactly what I was going for!

@Demetris - Quick! Don't look at our future First Lady in this $34.50 H&M dress she wore yesterday...

Michelle Obama wears off-the-rack now and she will continue to do so after she is the First Lady because it is not only her personality, it is a big part of her appeal.

She will not be reading to children at an elementary school in the floral jacquard J. Crew dress above. She'll save that sort of thing for a fundraising luncheon or a special afternoon or early evening event.

Also, just like you had - and exercised - the "opportunity" to comment on this post, you do have the "the opportunity" to get your own (free) web page - and a clue. No one has to give it to you.


I believe she's 'dressing down' to ride out the last part of this election cycle. But, her heart isn't totally in it, so she can't go all the way dowdy. So, she's in the middle somewhere.



I love the Tracy Reese and the J. Crew


Rikyrah - As usual, I agree with you!

Ms. Smiley

Great suggestions! As some of the readers have failed to remember, Mrs. Obama (or my new Oprah as I like to call her) is a very tall woman with a beautiful shape that lends itself to both tailored and loose fitted styles depending on the occasion.

I love the J. Crew yellow coat with the bow that Michelle loves. The Rachel Roy is beyond divine and would be perfect for a fundraiser. The Tracey Reese, which is one of the best ways to wear empire style dresses if you have hips, is gorgeous and is perfect for Election Night!

Michelle has succeeded where her "counterpart" Cindy McCain has failed. She has inspired women to dress like women without having to break the bank. In light of the economic situation, Michelle isn't going to be the new Rosalynn Carter with sewing machine in arm, but she will wear an H&M dress on Monday and a Maria Pinto on Tuesday. Please recall that not too long ago, she was the wife of a young and exciting Senator from Illinois and was making runs to Target just like the rest of us after she got off work!

Not only is she an individual, she is an inspiration to all women, especially women of color, who might not wear dresses or sweater sets because they haven't thought it would look nice on them. As I personally expand my Michelle-inspired (completely unintentional by the way) dress collection, I look forward to hearing her speak and supporting my candidate all the way to the White House! I'll also be excited to know who she's wearing.

Ms. Smiley


Ms. Smiley -

Hey there Facebook bud!

I hadn't thought about Michelle in the Tracy Reese on Election Night, but you are right - it's perfect! And it is so true that the empire style dress is your friend when you have hips.

Also, you are so on point with Michelle's wardrobe choices and the current economic climate. She was indeed the working mother making Target runs after she got off of work - just 4 years ago! She is definitely an inspiration and she's only going to get better with time.

Regan S.

Amazing! Love the suggestions, and love her. She's beautiful, statuesque, and classy, and so many ensems would work for her!


So happy to have found your site. very nice. I have been searching for a picture of michelle obama wearing jeans. If you don't have one, could you please tell me what is her favorite brand?


@Trish - I have not seen any pictures of Michelle Obama in jeans and I have not heard her mention a favorite brand.


Mrs. Obama, you're beautiful and brilliant and in great shape; but as a potential first lady, even though you are young, please consider lowering your hemline and crossing your legs at the ankle.

There are too many "leggy" photos of you while seated. Your legs go on for miles and you can set a trend of lower hemlines and still appear your "youthful" self!

Don't dress like the Queen; but tone down the "sexy" a wee bit!

You're Fabulous!!!


The clothes are beautiful; her taste exquisite!

Couple of suggestions: lower the hemline and cross legs at the ankle....perfect!


@Pat -

Interesting comments, especially since 99.8% of Michelle Obama pictures I see (and I follow her closely - see pictures and videos on the trail everyday) show her modest clothing. Sometimes modest to a fault.

I don't see "too many leggy photos" of her and see no need for her to "tone down" the sexy. She brings "the classy" all day long in my book.

Joyce Hunter

Frankly speaking I have not seen Michelle cross her legs. I'm sure she does know the correct way to sit and as far as toning down the sexy, I don't think she has to be anything except exactly who she is and that is a beautiful lady.


Get Mrs. Obama a stylist, at once! Lordy, that dress overshadowed his win.......



NOTHING overshadowed Barack Obama's win LOL!!!

Cindy O'neil

Michelle Obama's colors are blues, pinks, purples, black, greys and white.

She is a winter! Winters are usually all brunettes with olive skin.

She must stay away from greens, oranges and yellows.

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