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Erica B.

I guess it made sense for her to wear Kai Milla since she's Stevie's wife. She looked wonderful and that is such a gorgeous shade of green on her!


that dress looks great on her! love the color!

Nichelle Gainer

Erica B. - I agree. When I heard it was Kai Milla, I thought "Duh!"

Natakue - That is definitely a gorgeous shade of green on her!

Also, I forgot to mention that the black belt was the first lady's idea.


I love the green color on Michelle. The NY Daily News website (See archived article for 01/14/09) explains Kai Milla & Michelle talked fashion at the Democratic National Convention (Stevie Wonder performed there). That must be the connection to them hooking up. I approve. Milla has some wonderful clothes!

Nichelle Gainer

Hi Diane,

Yes, there have been several articles (including NYDN and WWD) where Kai Milla has discussed her hope to dress the first lady. And, considering Stevie Wonder's campaign appearances, I'm sure they met before the DNC, so it was only a matter of time before Michelle Obama wore something - and she does make beautiful clothes.

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