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Shannon-A Girl's Gotta Spa!

I am in the same boat as you--not wanting to put my eye out, so I've avoided the whole vibrating mascara craze. But now reading this review, I think I am hunting down my Maybelline contact. ;)

Diane Clark

I kind of want to try it - also afraid of putting my eye out - so maybe (it is a little expensive) this summer I'll join all the other brave souls and give it a shot. Maybe Mabelline will offer a coupon in the beauty magazines. I notice they'll do this with some new products. Boy what will they think of next!


Shannon - Give it a shot and let me know how you like it!

Diane - I have no idea if they'll do any coupons but so far, they are the only drugstore/mass market brand with a vibrating mascara so the others are even more expensive.


I'm so glad to here that a drugstore line is coming out with a vibrating mascara! I recently tried the Lancome Oscillation with a lot of skepticism because I thought the vibration was a gimmick, but after the saleslady tried it on me. Nothing like it, so long and voluminous but clumpy. (But for the long lashes that no other mascara has done for me so i don't mind the clumps.) I went ahead and brought the primer, but the primer doesn't really work for me. I can just use Maybelline Full n Soft (much cheaper) and let it dry and then apply the Lancome Oscillation. But $32 every 3 months for lashes is a lot of money to me, so I will def give that Maybelline one a try! :)


Not loving it...


Hooked on the Lancome Cils booster (undercoat) and the oscillating mascara so when I saw the Maybelline mascara at the local Walmart had to try it. Tried it today without the undercoat and so far (7 hours and counting) very impressed. Helps to start at base and draw brush slowly to the tip. Lashes look amazing. I think I could be a convert.


This mascara turned out to be one of my favorite produts! I am a make-up finatic so it was definatly on my list of things to try. I was skeptical when buying, my main concerns; does it really work and is it worth the cost. It is now one of my favorite mascaras and i was shocked to read the reviews of dissapointed customers. I have come to the conclusion that this products performace depends on the individual. I myself have very long lashes but less volume then I would like. It worked well for me by defining my length and giving me volume. I realized the unhappy coustumers had said they have smaller features, such as small lids and lashes. I hope this has helped those of you who are unsure about this product.
Great job Maybelline!

hi all - when will this mascara be available in sa. i am also makeup mad and NEED this asap!!! my mum is in oz and they dont have it there neither, nor my friend in Scotland??? Help, help

Pen Is

I'm really skeptic. I have no fear of poking my eye. Just the money seems expensive.


I bought mine tonight and absolutely loved it better than any mascara I've tried. I had long, thick lashes for a change. :)


I have to disagree. I have nice long full eyelashes, but a great mascara always takes them to another level. This mascara clumped them up and made them look like 5 separate big chunks of eyelashes. And I have to say pushing the side button for the vibration is pretty uncomfortable to me, I wish it were more of and on and off switch so I dont have to be pressing down on the button while I try to swipe the mascara on. Maybe for people that have barely any lashes it works, but for me it was a huge waste of money, I ended up giving it away to a friend. My favorite drugstore mascara has to be LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara (the orange one with Drew Barrymore on the commercials) it makes them look really long and full, separating each hair and "fanning" the whole eyelashes out, not clumping them together at all, it makes my eyes just pop. Also one of my favorites is High Definition Lashes Brush Then Comb Mascara from Clinique, it has a dual comb/brush applicator, you brush your eyelashes first to coat them with mascara, and them comb them to build, defne and separate each strand. It is a GREAT mascara and it's $13.50 compared to the vibrating maybelline one that is $14.99, please buy the Clinique one!

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