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Dee Jackson

I cried watching the youtube video on Roslyn's response article in newsweek. Someone should have called child protective services on that mother, snatching through that toddler's head like that. Thank you Nichelle for responding so straight-forward and eloquently. Both of my daughter's hair are natural and beautiful, and seeing theirs makes me want to release myself from the bonds of relaxers and 4 hour salon visits and embrace a more natural beautiful state. In any event, healthy hair is the goal, and Zahara's is gorgeous.


Thanks to all of you for your wonderful, thoughtful responses. This hair issue is so deeply ingrained that it takes a great deal of patience to get people to get it. Do whatever you like with your own hair, but don't put you "stuff" on other people. My daughter is only five and it has never occurred to be to do anything to tame her hair. I do take excellent care of it and she swims and does whatever I deem good for her. Hair is the last concern. I realize many people aren't there yet so I don't preach to others about what they should do with their hair. Natural hair works for me so I stick with it. It pains me to see little kids with relaxers and I hope someday all our little girls will be encouraged to embrace the glorious halos atop their heads.

Sangindiva Superstar

Beautifully written Nichelle :)
What a wonderful accomplishment *NEWSWEEK*!!!
I'm rejoicing with you! Congrats!!


the newsweek article was ridiculous. her hair looks adorable. it is JUST HAIR.


What happened to the days when children's lives were supposed to be fun and carefree? It's a shame that people are trying to take that away, especially with ridiculous things like this. Zahara is beautiful, and nobody should be put under the spotlight for reasons like that.. especially not children!

Adrien Field

Great article in Newsweek, Nichelle. Congrats!


Great Article Nichelle.

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