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monica h

Great video and information. I recently took down my locs and caring for my loose hair is a little different and more challenging than what I was doing with my locs.



I think I have had every hairstyle so far except locs. You just untwisted without cutting? I know that's a lot of work.

As for my sister, she is currently going straight - but she's still blow away by her curls.

Amazing how we learn about our own hair sometimes...


I have curly hair like your sister's so I am very excited about this post! However, the noise of the hair dryer made it a bit hard to hear Dickey's comments in the interview. Would it be possible for you to edit the post to provide a brief summary? If so, thanks!


Thanks Pat!

I'll take a look at the video again and post a summary by tomorrow. I was worried about the hair dryer, but you never know. Thanks for stopping by!

Betty in Kenya

All the hair pictures of you and your sister are just so pretty! Gosh, I wish I had hair like yours! Mine is a state and I've just given up and gone short, daily watering, frequent conditioning, occassional shampooing. After your blog, I'm planning my way to NYC for a consultation with AD. Thank you!

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