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I watched the segment, hard as it was with the flying screens and showing Queen Latifah (who did an excellent job,btw)instead of the clips. Cyd Charisse was shown early in the song, and Ricardo Montalban was shown towards the end. I waited on the edge of my couch for Eartha Kitt's clips so that I may applaud. When Paul Newman was shown and his sound clips started playing, I realized that was the end of the tribute, and promptly burst into tears. It was enough to make me stop lurking on blogs, register, and comment.

Nichelle Gainer

Thanks Onetntsis. I asked a few people and they missed Cyd and Ricardo too. But we are all still pissed about Eartha!

Danyel Smith

thank you for this amazing post. you give her the kind of tribute she deserves.


Thanks Danyel!


great post. I love Ertha too. However, thanks for mentioning Ricardo Montalban. He was great as Kahn in Star Treks "Wrath of Kahn" movie. Also, recently he was in the SPykids movies. I love Michael Jackson too but he was in one movie the Wiz as the scarecrow.

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