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I couldn't make it through the day without snacking. I try to snack between breakfast and lunch, usually a yogurt. And then again around 2 p.m. because I need an afternoon pick-me-up. I have found that snacking on sugary-type foods triggers my sweet tooth, makes me crave more sugar and then I end up having a terrible crash. I stick with nuts, peanut butter and crackers or celery, hummus and even the Nigella bars because they are filling and not too sweet. I used to do the 100 Calorie packs but then realized I couldn't eat just one!

I'm a substantial snacker. I do it up healthy style though so my snacks look more like small meals. I try to eat every 3 hours with 2 meals being "snacks". I keep those around 200 calories and balance it out with protein, fat and carbs. Usually a piece of fruit and some turkey on toast or cottage cheese with strawberries. I like treats though and I tend to have 100 calorie pack of something daily - with dinner.

@Carolyn - The site looks great by the way!

I don't think I can make it through the day without snacking either but yogurt almost never does it for me. I eat soy yogurt (dairy is not my friend) and unless I take a portion from the pint size, the cups just leave me even hungrier.

And I swear I've got to try these Nigella bars!

@Keyalus - Sounds like you've got a good routine there. And I'm glad to see those 100 calorie snacks work for somebody out there LOL!!

I love snacks! I think that snacking is what caused weight loss to be so difficult for me. In undergrad I would preferred eating snacks like cheese and crackers or cereal over a real meal. I try hard to snack less and think this has made a difference in my weightloss.

eating makes you hungry. this is not to say we shouldn't do it. but it does. the more we eat. the more we want to. for this reason all of my snacks must have some significant nutritional value and no negative side effects. this typically means an apple or some other piece of fruit. unsalted nuts work too.

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