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I'm awful when it comes to breakfast. I, too, usually grab something while I'm running out the door. I have found that when I do sit down and have breakfast that it curbs my late night munchie attacks as well.

I'm not much of a cook, my usual breakfast (and sometimes dinner) consists of shredded wheat or Kashi cereal w/ skim milk and a large handful of frozen blueberries.

I think eating breakfast does help with the late night munchies. Most experts say that you should eat less as the day goes on and eating a substantial breakfast helps.

And I love frozen blueberries too. I like to mix them with my yogurt and cereal or in a smoothie.

I usually eat breakfast everyday even if I'm not hungry. I recently made some breakfast bars from a recipe by Nigella Lawson which are delicious. You can even eat them for a snack which helps keep me away from the vending machine at work.

Carolyn - what is the name of that Nigella recipe? I love her! And that recipe sounds like something I can do:)

I eat breakfast everyday. It's usually a bowl of oatmeal. I rarely have time on weekdays to acutally sit down to eat so I take the bowl with me around the house and I eat while I'm getting ready. If I leave the house without eating I have to stop and get something, but then I usually have something I shouldn't have too.

I eat breakfast every morning. I usually get up very early to workout so by the time I've showered I am ravenous. What I don't usually have is time to cook so quick breakfasts work for me. I love Kashi GoLean as you mentioned. I'll often eat a packet of instant grits mixed with some canned chicken breast for protein. I love these frozen all-natural whole grain pancakes that they sell at WalMart or I might have cottage cheese with strawberries. Occasionally, I'll eat the Jimmy Dean D'Lites frozen breakfast sandwiches. You might want to try those. They are reduced fat and all under 300 calories I believe. I think they taste pretty good and they are great on the go.

@SunnyJ - I eat around the house as I get ready too. Usually while doing my makeup at my vanity.

I go back and forth with oatmeal. Sometimes I go on jags where I want to eat it everyday and then I go back to not touching it for months.

@Keyalus - Go Lean Kashi also makes breakfast bars. I try to pick them up when I see them. I forgot to mention that I also eat these frozen organic breakfast burritos from Whole Foods (their house brand). I will have to look for these frozen all-natural whole grain pancakes from WalMart that you mentioned. And the reduced fat Jimmy Dean!

Here's the info on Nigella. This is from an NPR story I tripped on about Eat-and-Run breakfast ideas. There are two recipes to tantalize your taste buds.


I usually have an omelet and some fruit. I eat breakfast everyday. I can't function and become a very ugly person if I don't.

This morning I had a mix of fresh melon, raspberries, watermelon and a croissant. Tomorrow, I'll be back to my favorite veggie omelet.

I don't always get an opportunity to eat a hardy breakfast but my Mon-Fri morning meal consist of a yogurt, egg(scrambled or boiled), and a Quaker Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie. I have coffee once a week, and I pretty much drink all day, everyday.

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