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I would love to see someone in power take this issue on, but I'm sure it will be an uphill battle. The food industry certainly will put up a fight if told to replace the cheap junk they are selling with healthy real food.

Exactly. I thought about the food industry lobbyists when I watched Super Size Me recently.

I believe that people must take charge of their own health and well being however, a high-profile person like Michelle Obama pushing healthy eating habits will help. Hopefully as much as it did for the famous black & white dress that flew off the shelves after she wore it on The View.

Good for her. I think she's a good role model; I think she tries. I think she 'gets it'.

The Obama's really can do no wrong in my eyes. It's all about practicing what you preach - and I can definitely appreciate having a first family that is dedicated to what I see as the #1 everyday issue - maintaining one's health.

good for her. there really is no more pressing health issue in our community. all disease begins in the gut.

I pray that once Michelle Obama begins as first lady that she will go after the food industry...they need to do a streamline to the schools. Menu regulations should be nationwide on implementing healthier menus. One issue is that it cost more to eat healthy and the schools already have overwhelming budget issues. The water is not filtered and the water fountains are not maintained. With my busy schedule and overwhelming 'scratching and surviving' living cost (for now this to shall pass-) {OBAMA '08} it's hard for me too... but after seeing my youngest put on atleast 10 lbs. since last school year has forced me into motion. "Ol hell to the naw my son, you can NOT have Micky D's today, mommy is cooking!" Put that milk shake down, put it down!!!!!!

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