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First. :)


You are indeed FIRST Monica! I'm gonna have to print this out and frame it!:)

Congrats Guys and brillant idea for a site!

Congratulations on the launch! It looks great! I wrote sbout health and fitness for the Curves site for a year and now that it just ended on July 1st, it's nice to know I'll have a good spot to discuss these same issues.

Hi! I LOVE this site already! This looks like it's gonna be a bookmark!

Kathryn, Los Angelista and T.Kay - thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing all of you back soon...

Thanks for adding my link to your blogroll. I like the site, I am happy to see an increase in resources for women of color. It's great that you have an M.D. to offer advice.

I'll be adding your link shortly.

Like the new look and concept, I'm adding you to my reader.

@Fitness Goddess - Thank you! I like your blog very much. And I am glad to contribute to the increase in resources for women of color too.

@Sissy - Thanks so much. I hope you keep coming back. You know I still giggle a little when I see your name because I think about the movie review you did of Tyler Perry's movie with Creole in DC.

Both of y'all were dead wrong LOL!!

Thanks for the link on your blogroll. I look forward to getting some good information from here because everything I write about is an experiment of one. :) I will *never* be a scoop of tuna girl that is for sure!

Yay! A blog after my own heart. Can't wait to read it!

@Keyalus - You're quite welcome! Scoops of tuna are for the birds:)

@Madame Meow - Thanks so much. Always glad to have you. Can't wait to see you weigh in here (no pun intended!)

Congrats! I am looking forward to seeking revenge on my curves:)

Excellent! I'm looking for some more motivation and positive sites. Glad you did this.

@Jerseybred - LOL!!! Love that.

@sdg1844 - Thanks. Hopefully we can all motivate each other here!

awesome site!!

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