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I hope so. She's clearly more of an inspiration than the last 2 Bush first ladies, Barbara, (a really mean grandma) and "silent Laura. Glamazon Michelle is athletic and makes working out and taking care of herself a priority. I've written a couple of things for The Root.com on our new first lady and also how the Obama Presidency can make us healthier.

Hi Alicia,

I saw your article at The Root (and I like your blog!)

I love how the first lady makes working out and taking care of herself a priority. Hopefully it will catch on.

This one can be tricky. Because she is who she is people may look at her and think "Yeah she can do that because she has this and that luxury time, money etc." - conveniently overlooking the fact that she is willing to get up early enough to work out at 4:30 AM.

Getting motivated to become healthier takes a dramatic shift in thinking that some people simply aren't willing to embrace. I hope she does motivate people but sadly I think they will be moved to immulate every aspect of her life except for that one.

I hear ya Sunny. I touched on that before - remember If I Only Had Millions I Would Be Hot Too!

You're right about the dramatic shift in thinking that needs to take place to be healthier. Sadly, I also think you may be right about women being motivated and excited about everything else about her except the 4:30 am workouts.

I hope we're both wrong, but maybe there will be a different if she actually speaks out more on eating healthy and working out as first lady.

In 1968, the Presidential Fitness Award was a desired award of honor by all of us African-American elementary school students (in my town, anyway) and "eating healthy, from the four food groups" was part of the curriculum. Although this was common in 1968, by 1979, the standard of health and fitness was a mere shadow to the former, and fitness in school was thwarted by "mandatory" physical education courses, usually undesirable, "open campus" policies that gave us the freedom to seek junk food, and a smoking lounge that was a "coming of age" ritual.

We were set up! And at not yet 50 years, I have cashed in my health for these mind-numbing habits, resulting in hypertension and heart disease, and dodging the bullet of diabetes. I was actually surprised I reached this level so early in life, believe it or not.

I think we are trying to go in the right direction, but I would like to see the Presidential Fitness Award emphasized in our schools again, and believe our First Lady should be the spokesperson (as hard as Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign). I also believe that physical education should be required, with the freedom of choice for the activity, and should include ALL sports and dance that would at some point challenge the student aerobically. I am really saying, we should get back to "normalcy".

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